Cage for inflating cars wheels STORM KZ 11

189,900 P


A protective cage for inflating truck wheels increases operator safety when inflating car wheels in trucking companies, car service and repair stations, car engine factories and tire shops.

During inflation, the operator can stay at a safe distance from the wheel itself thanks to the use of an automatic inflation device. In order to increase the safety of the work process, when the cage door is open, the air supply is blocked.

The cage is equipped with a receiver that allows the tire of the tubeless wheel to fit onto the rim so that it can be inflated.

Technical features:

  • Designed to operate at ambient temperatures from + 10 ° C to + 35 ° C, humidity – no more than 80%.
  • Power supply from an alternating current network with a voltage of 220 (+22, -33) V, a frequency of 50 ± 1 Hz.
  • The largest diameter of the serviced wheels – 1500 mm
  • The largest width of the serviced wheels – 700 mm
  • Working pressure – 10 bar