Tool for checking the free running of the brake and clutch pedals STORM

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The device is designed to check the free running of the brake and clutch pedals. The detailed composition of this device is shown in picture.

1-tube; 2-screw; 3-tube; 4-rod; A-Risk on tube 1

Freewheel checking procedure:

1. Prepare the tool for checking the free travel of the brake and clutch pedals for operation. To do this, it is necessary to align the zero mark on the coupling scale 3 (see figure) with line A on the tube 1 and fix the coupling 3 in this position with a rubber ring

2. After that, install the device in the cab of the machine, resting it with the tip of the rod 5 against the cab floor near the pedal to be checked.

3. Having loosened the screw 1, achieve such a mutual position of the tube 2 and the rod 5 of the device so that the flange of the coupling 3 is under the pedal, the free play of which is checked.

4. Fix with screw 1 the relative position of tube 2 and rod 5. 5. Pressing the foot on the pedal to select its free travel, keeping the device in the selected position. In this case, the clutch 3, together with the rubber ring 4, will move along the tube 2 by the amount of the pedal’s free travel and will remain in this position. The amount of free travel of the pedal will correspond to the division of the clutch scale 3, opposite which, after checking, there will be a risk A of tube 2.

Attention! If the free travel of the pedals differs from that specified in the normative and technical documentation, adjust the free travel of the pedals in accordance with the instructions of the normative and technical documentation and re-check the value of the free travel of the pedal.