Wheel Balancer STORM PROXY 5

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The new user-friendly menu, option to choose a control panel ground color, new sturdy operation desk with lots of bins allowing to have a necessary weight always at hand. All these and some other not listed features ensure fast and quality wheel balancing with less effort required from operator. Consequently the use of PROXY5 will bring the maximum profit to your company and help to earn a solid reputation.

The new keyboard specifically developed in accordance with the requests of many of our customers is located directly under the display and has tactile keys.

The fast work is guaranteed by the electromagnetic brake, that allows to save time on deaccelation and balance more wheels!

Acceleration time for a regular type wheel 1.3 – 1.6 seconds.

PROXY5 has the following functions:

«AUTO-SONAR» function provides an option of the disc parameters read-out in an automatic mode with the use of an ultrasonic sensor.

«AUTO PROGRAM» function allows the user to perform balancing in any automatic or semi-automatic mode without the use of pushbuttons (the machine chooses the necessary mode by itself and intellectually adjusts its performance to the operator’s work habits).
Option «BRAKES» allows to reduce balancing process time when necessary by connecting a brake cheek in addition to the motor. This should save on average 6 seconds per cycle. This function makes this model one of the «fastest» among the world analogues in the premium segment.

Special function for wheel balancing in any mode without the use of pushbuttons – the machine chooses the mode automatically.

«3D-DISK» function allows to observe 3D projection of a wheel at the display.

«Function «MOTO» allows balancing of motorcycle wheels.

Function «MEMORY» allows keeping a cumulative performance statistics of the machine for a certain period of time or an individual statistics.

« AUTO-SUPPLY » function automatically turns a wheel further, so there is no need to turn it manually.

The machine is completed with the wheel illumination feature. It is realized by the use of two high output light-emitting diodes, located on the spindle side of the machine’s housing.

Standard list of equipment also includes such important accessories as:

  • 40 mm in diameter extension shaft
  • Quick-lock nut by «Haweka» (Germany) (complete package)
  • Small, medium and large cones
  • Hammer-pliers for removing and fitting weights on a rim.
Main technical characteristics:
– Accuracy readability, g 1
– Angular position measurement, angle grad 2,5
– Wheels parameters:
· Rim diameter, inch (mm) 9(229)-28(711)
 For manual input  up to 30(762)
· Rim width inch (mm) 3(76) – 20(508)
· Max. wheel weight, kg кг 75
– Power supply, V 220V±10%, 50 hz
– Max. power consumption, W 250
– Dimensions (mm)
· Housing 1100*700*1145(h)
· Protective hood 900*500*450(h)
· Package 1200*930*1525
– Machine weight, kg 160