Wheel Balancer SMART

Semi-automatic Economy Class Wheel Balancer.

We would like to present you a new model of the balancing machine “SMART” – the cheapest model among our line of wheel balancers.

You can see the standard technical characteristics of the SMART balancing machine below, but we ask you to consider the main advantages in more detail, namely:

1. Polished shaft

The cone, due to which the wheel is centered when mounted on the shaft, has a hole with a diameter of 40 mm.
The shaft itself has a diameter of 40 mm. But the errors are caused by fractions of millimeters, by eye we do not see it. The diameter of the cone hole should be greater than the diameter of the shaft, but if the shaft error is 2-5 tenths of mm, the error can reach 40 grams!
We grind shafts with an accuracy that makes it possible to have an error of 1 gram, but not more than 5 grams, when changing the angle of the wheels. Check for yourself in our demo-training service centers!

2. Automatic reversal of the wheel after measurement in the installation area of the first corrective weight

After the measurement, the SMART machine will automatically turn and stop the wheel in the load setting area (+ – a few cm from the ideal installation location or the ideal place itself (depends on the wheel). The operator either does not have to do anything except install the load, or adjust the wheel angle to a few millimeters.

3. Installation mode of self-adhesive loads under “6 hours”

When the load setting mode “6 hours” is on, much less unnecessary movements will be needed:

  1. Place the wheel in position according to the screen so that the intended installation site is at the lowest point under the shaft.
  2. Clean the installation area of the cargo from dirt and traces of glue left over from old goods.
  3. Install the load as accurately as possible, simultaneously pressing it with the effort necessary to keep this load in place during the operation of the vehicle during the season.

4. The extended threaded part of the shaft with the quick-release nut “STORM”. 24 months warranty from the date of purchase.

Having created our own production line of attachments, we began to produce not only the cone, but also all the elements of the quick-release nut. At the moment, we have achieved such quality that, if properly operated according to the instructions, the shaft-nut pair works flawlessly for more than 3 years!

5. The SPLIT program of separation of self-adhesive balancing weight

SPLIT mode is used while balancing wheels with high-quality light alloy wheels in order to preserve the appearance of the wheel by installing balancing weights that are invisible from the outside behind the rim spokes.
The SPLIT program can only be used for those load installation schemes when the external imbalance correction plane is located behind the spokes, i.e. for ALU ^ and ALU3P. The program thus allows you to divide the value of the balancing weight into two parts, so that both these parts are beyond the spokes.

6. Electronic input of a distance and diameter of a disk of balancing wheel

Provided that on the serviced vehicle all 4 wheels have the same parameters (dimensions of the disks), to balance the first wheel of this vehicle, you must enter the parameters of the disc and select the setting mode of the correction weights. To do this, you need to use the diameter – distance entry bar and the buttons on the “+”, “-” and “ALU” balancer panel.

7. Start when lowering casing

The main task of the casing is to protect the operator from dirt flying from the wheels, but also due to safety measures, the start of the measurement should be made only with the protective casing closed.

If the operator understands both aspects, after installing the wheel and entering the balancing parameters, he can control the start of measurement through a button on the keyboard, but there is another possibility – starting when lowering the casing, which saves time and effort – by lowering the casing, the operator will not press the button and start measurements will happen automatically.

Main specifications:
Accuracy readability, G1
Wheels parameters:
Rim diameter, inch (mm)9 (228,6) – 20 (508)
Rim width, inch (mm)1,5 (38,1) – 20 (508)
Max. wheel weight, kg65
Power supply, V220V±10%, 50 hz
Max. power consumption, Wnot more than, 350
Dimensions (mm):
Housing870*670*1165 (h)
Machine weight, kg51