Universal Wheel Balancer STORM Maxi

Automatic multi-purpose Business Class Truck Wheel Balancer.

This model is a Universal Balancer for car and truck wheels. The main difference from Maxi PM and Maxi P is the lack of a TFT monitor (input panel), personalization (up to 2 operators) and a handcart (adjustable jack) instead of a cart with a built-in pneumatic lift.

For lifting heavy wheels (up to 250 kg), the machine is equipped with a steering bogie.

The standard equipment list includes a universal adapter for most types of truck wheels and a set of cones for cars.

Key features and built-in functions:

  • New economical electric motor built from special Mitsubishi templates.
  • “Car” and “Truck” operating modes.
  • Automatic recognition of the type of wheel: car or truck.
  • A special program brings the wheel to the correct position for applying corrective weights.
  • Two-dimensional measuring scale for automatic entry of offset values ​​and wheel diameter.
  • The program “ALU-P” to select the plane of correction for the balancing wheels with light-alloy rims.
  • The “SPLIT” program for balancing weights behind the wheel spokes.
  • The “OPT” program for optimal positioning of the tire on the rim.
  • 8 balancing programs: “STANDARD”, “STATIC”, “5 ALU”, “ALU-P”.
  • An automatic brake.
  • A brake to lock the wheels.
  • Independent mode setting for “Car” and “Truck”.
  • Up to 2 operators (remembering the latest settings and disk parameters).
  • Automatic counting of balancing operations.
  • Static unbalance minimization program.
  • Self-diagnosis.
  • Self-calibration.

Main specifications:
Car mode Truck mode
Accuracy readability, g 1 1
Measurement range, g 0-150 0-600
Maximum permissible error with unbalance in
one correction plane, g. no more than
Where «M» is a measuring weight of a load
±(3+0,1 M) ±(25+0,1 M)
Maximum permissible error for angular
position measurement of the mass of the
unbalance load, angle grad, no more than
±6 ±6
Wheels parameters:
Rim diameter, inch (mm) 9(229)-28(711) 9(229)-28(711)
with manual input up to 30(762)
Rim width inch (mm) 3(75) – 20(510) 3(75) – 20(510)
Max. wheel weight, kg 65 250
Max. power consumption, W, no more than 800
Dimensions (mm):
Without the hood 1235х615х920 (h)
With the hood 1365х1360х1360
Package 1500*1020*1560
Machine weight, kg 11