Wheel Balancer STORM Patriot 3

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Semi-automatic Economy Class Wheel Balancer. We would like to introduce to you a new model of a balancing machine Patriot 2, that went into production in 2015, – «Patriot 3».

Complete wheel measurement cycle for
R14 -7 seconds (acceleration, measurement,
Complete wheel measurement cycle for
R20 – 9 seconds (acceleration, measurement,

Virtually every single module and unit of the machine has been modified. 2015 modification – is a new, more convenient and ergonomic faceplate and 40mm shaft for faster and quality wheel balancing.

Technical features

The telescopic arm provides for automatic input of two parameters: wheel diameter and the distance to the inner side of a correction plane.

Faceplate with membrane keypad creates a user-friendly interface. It indicates the size of the weight and precise weight adding position, as well as diameter and width of the wheel. Control of the operation mode and activation of necessary functions is achieved by pushing a single button, which significantly simplifies the work process and reduces set-up time.

The fast work is guaranteed by the electromagnetic brake, that allows to save time on deaccelation and balance more wheels!

Main functions

The software package has been extended. Besides the standard 5 «ALU» programs, it has «ALU-P » program for balancing high-quality wheels with light-alloy rims and «SPLIT» program for application of the invisible balancing weights behind wheel spokes for better appearance. Double-operation program is introduced; allowing storing the dimensions of two different types of wheels. Thus two operators can work simultaneously with two different cars with different sizes of wheels using the same balancing machine. Switching from one size to another is achieved by pushing a single button.



Main technical characteristics:
– Accuracy readability, g 1
– Wheels parameters:
· Rim diameter, inch 9 – 24
 For manual input up to 30
· Rim width inch 3 – 20
· Max. wheel weight, kg 65
– Power supply, V 380/220V±10%, 50 hz
– Max. power consumption, W no more than 200
– Dimensions (mm):
· Without hood 960*450*950 (h)
· With hood 1100*1200*1500 (h)
· Package 870*670*1140
– Machine weight, kg no more than 70