Balancing machine STORM LS 11

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The balancing machine STORM LS11 is a precision device with microprocessor control and information processing and is designed for balancing the wheels of cars, vans and light trucks. Provides measurements of static and dynamic imbalance of a wheel and calculation of the masses of correction weights and their position in two correction planes (on the outer and inner sides of the wheel rim) in one measurement cycle.


Type: semi-automatic

Disc diameter: 9 to 22 mm

Overall dimensions with a closed casing (locker): 1100х910х1150

Overall dimensions with a raised casing (locker): 1100x1380x1650

Disc width: 3-20

Readout resolution: 1 gr

Power supply: 220 / 380V

Model: LS11

Brand / Manufacturer: STORM

Country of origin: Russia

Warranty: 24 months

Gross weight: 80

Maximum wheel weight: 65